Square Tower & Round Tower

The Round Tower and Square Tower, two historic defence towers, have stood along Portsmouth’s coast since the 15th Century.

The Round Tower was originally built from wood, in around 1418 to defend the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour and prevent raids on the city by French ships, and was later replaced by a stone construction in the 1490s. Two centuries later, in the 1680s, a line of ramparts was added to connected the tower to the neighbouring Square Tower. In 2011, the interior of the Round Tower was converted for use as a gallery, which now hosts exhibitions. The roof of the tower is open to the public all year round.

The Square Tower was built later, in 1494 during the reign of Henry VII, and has had a varied history, it was designed as part of the fortifications to protect the rapidly expanding Naval Port. The tower was also used as the home of the Governor of Portsmouth, a semaphore signalling tower, a provisions store for the Royal Navy and as a gunpowder store. Now a popular event venue, the Square Tower hosts regular tea rooms and markets.

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Round Tower, Broad Street, Portsmouth PO1 2LY
Telephone: 023 9282 7261
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Square Tower, Broad Street, Portsmouth PO1 2JE
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