Beaches, Walking & Cycling

Why not take the ferry across the harbour this summer to Gosport and explore the 24 miles of waterfront; safe panoramic beaches, naval heritage and historic trails plus the best views of marine traffic across the Solent to the Isle of Wight.

Take a self guided walk through approximately 3km of historic Gosport. The Tourist Information Centre located in the bus station at Gosport has produced a Waterfront Trail Guide; which details all the sites of interest along the brick and stone chain trail set in the pavement.  To view or download the map click here Gosport Waterfront Trail Guide.

Just along the shore, is Stokes Bay which is noted for its remarkable flora and many varieties of birds, while the Gilkicker lagoons are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. This unspoiled natural area is a delight for walkers.

Spend some time exploring the Alver Valley Country Park where you can enjoy woodland, lakes, ponds and views of the River Alver, which runs through the park, plus the opportunities for spotting reptiles, foxes, deer and a variety of birdlife.  To view or download the information leaflet click here Alver Valley Leaflet.

In the same area is the Wildgrounds Nature Reserve which represents one of the few remaining unspoilt woodland pastures in South East Hampshire. It is an area of about 67 acres and in recognition of its unique character was made a site of special scientific interest in 1984.  There are two marked trails “red” and “green”. Both trails start at Middle Barn. To view or download the information leaflet click here Wildgrounds Nature Reserve.

Stroll along further and enjoy the long promenade and wide open beaches at Lee on Solent with its numerous cafes and eateries.

As well as a good range of walks, there is a good cycle network too. Gosport hosts part of Sustrans National Cycle Route 2 , a long distance cycle route which runs from Dover in Kent to St Austell in Cornwall following the length of England’s South Coast.  Head to British Cycling’s “Let’s Ride” website to for some suggested routes and follow this link for a cycle route map of Gosport.

Cycle hire is available from within the Bus Station complex. Daily, weekend, or weekly hire is available. For details or to book a bike telephone 023 9260 1441 or email .