Price Increase Statement

On Wednesday 5th April, fares on the Gosport Ferry will increase. Whilst the increases are below the level of inflation (CPI was 10.4% in February 2023), a fare change is required in order for us to mitigate some of the effect of the increases in running costs we face as a business (notably wages, fuel and energy).

Daily Return Ticket Prices

Key Facts on the Fares

  • Operating costs increases due to inflationary pressures, staff wages have to be increased to ensure we remain competitive versus similar operators and to ensure we keep up with the increase in the cost of living.
  • Despite passenger numbers improving we are still significantly behind pre-pandemic numbers as our commuters continue to work part time at home.
  • For its passengers and the community, the company needs to ensure that a sustainable business is built for the future so it is able to invest in maintaining its vessels and terminals / pontoons.
  • With the exception of the adult return ticket we have tried to limit increases to 7% to try and keep the impact to our regular users as low as possible.
  • Increases on bicycle, e-scooter and motorcycle fares have been kept to a minimum – just 10p.
  • Senior and child fare increases have been kept to a minimum at 20p per return ticket.
  • Regular adult users benefit from a discounted 10 trip ticket. Revised fares now mean just £3.96 per return trip. Tickets are not time or date limited but open-ended.
  • Our unlimited travel 30-day “season ticket” at £80.00 gives unlimited ferry travel for that period.  Assuming use of 25 days in a month that equates to £3.20 per day.

The ferry operates crossings every 15 minutes between Gosport and Portsmouth from 05.30 to midnight daily with over 99% reliability. The service provides a vital link between the city of Portsmouth and Gosport removing traffic from the very busy A32 and M275, saving a car journey of 14 miles and taking the equivalent of 42 million car miles off the road every year.