Ticket Prices 1st June 2017

With effect from 1 June, fares on the Gosport Ferry have been increased by an average of 3% to reflect increased operating costs.  The effect is a 10p increase on an adult open return and 50p on a ten-trip open return ticket.

Daily Return Ticket Prices












Key Facts on the Fares

  •  Increases in fares have been kept to a minimum
  • Operating costs continue to rise. (These costs include the purchase and operating costs of our vessels and lease costs for the Gosport pontoon. Wages remain one of our largest costs). 
  • Rises also help pay for further investment in ferry services – continuing modernising and refurbishment work at the pontoon at Portsea.  
  • Regular adult users benefit from a discounted 10 trip ticket. Revised fares now mean just £1.55 per single trip. Tickets are not time or date limited but open-ended. 
  • Our unlimited travel 30-day “season ticket” at £63.00 gives unlimited ferry travel for that period.    
  • £1.26 per trip (assuming used 25 days in the month).
  • For more frequent users each trip will cost just over £1.00 per trip. 
  • Park & Float; Unlimited use of Gosport car parks and ferry travel in 30 day period for less than £4.00 per day (assuming used 25 days in the month) - Travel on the ferry for under a £1 a trip. 
  • Flexible smart travel with the Solent Go travelcard – convenience of topping up online.  Travel from just over £1.00 a trip (based on the 91 day ticket). 
  • Promotions
    • Bikes go free in the summer holidays (from 22 July until 3 September) to promote sustainable transport and healthy living choices.
    • Family fare £10.30 covers 2 adults and up to three children/ grandparents.

The ferry operates 199 crossings a day (during the week) around 69,500 crossings a year; 18 ½ hours for 364 days a year and with over 99% reliability. The service provides a vital link between the city of Portsmouth and Gosport removing traffic from the very busy A32 and M275, saving a car journey of 14 miles and taking the equivalent of 42 million car miles off the road every year.

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