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A new Park and Float ticket is being launched by Gosport Ferry to encourage more local commuters to use the ferry to get to work.


The ferry company has teamed up with Gosport Borough Council to offer a new combined car parking and ferry ticket. The new Park and Float ticket will cost £92 per calendar month and will be available from the Gosport Ferry ticket office from 1 November.


Passengers who use the ticket seven days a week will benefit from the largest savings, with parking and ferry travel together costing just over £3 a day. It will also be cheaper for commuters using the service on week days only, who will see their parking and ferry costs reduce by more than £4.40 a day and have the flexibility to enjoy free parking and ferry travel at weekends. 


Gosport Ferry finance director, Chris Waters says the new ticket offers a good deal for local commuters, especially those that live outside the town centre and need a car to reach the ferry terminal:


“Park and Float provides a cost-effective, quick and convenient alternative to driving from Gosport to Portsmouth each day, as well a significant discount for passengers currently paying separately for ferry travel and parking on a daily basis. It is also good news for people who park in Gosport to catch the ferry and continue their commute by train or bus from Portsmouth Harbour.”


The Park and Float ferry ticket will be valid on all crossings during the week and weekends and allows the user to park in all long-stay car parks in the town, except Mumby Road Bus Station car park.


Mark Hook, Leader of Gosport Borough Council said "We are pleased to be working in partnership with Gosport Ferry Company to help reduce commuting on the A32. The Park and Float monthly ticket will save time and money for those commuting and will be available to use at weekends so users can park in Gosport's long stay car parks and shop locally. Using Park and Float reduces the cost of parking to less than £1.70 per day if used 6 days a week offering excellent value for money."


For details of the new Park and Float ticket, visit or call 023 9252 4551.

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